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Read what some of our Los Angeles-area alumni have to say about their Syracuse University experiences and the reasons they’re giving back to SU.

“I came to LA three weeks after graduation. I was armed with the name of a Newhouse alum who helped me find a job on a feature film, and I have been working ever since. I have been here 26 years and am now a VP in legal affairs at Warner Bros. Television. Thank you, SU.”
– Nannette Diacovo ’85

“SU gave me the opportunity for a good education in engineering and arts and sciences, but I was an unemployed graduate. After finally getting a job in my profession, I realized that SU had provided the critical thinking and foundation for that job. I also started to believe that higher education in our country was not just important, but critical to foster better jobs and livelihood. It seemed appropriate to help both SU and those who want to attend SU by giving back. Early on, I only gave a little, but I gradually increased the amount whenever I could. Syracuse University has a vision, and I want to be a part of it, even if I can only give back a little at a time.”
– Ray Freiwirth ’75
L.A. Regional Council

“Without Syracuse’s education (and its alumni), I wouldn’t be where I currently am in my career. I also wouldn’t have had the best four years of my life!”
– Audrey Chen ’09

“I have always “bled Orange.” As a product of Western New York, I was destined to go to Syracuse University and my experience there continues to shape my career and personal life today. I learned life lessons, decided what I wanted to do with my life, and met some of my closest friends during those four special years. I’m pleased I’ve had the opportunity to give back to the University by participating on the L.A. Regional Council, and I’m proud of the impact we’ve had in the greater Los Angeles community. I look forward to contributing in the future in whatever way I can. In the meantime—LET’S GO ORANGE!”
– Sean Carey ’89
L.A. Regional Council

“I believe it’s important for everyone to support their colleges and universities. This is particularly true today, when the private sector needs to provide an ever-increasing share of higher-education costs. I like the idea of giving back so others can have the same opportunities I was provided.”
– Doug Frye L’74
L.A. Regional Council

“Other alums should join the effort so that we can keep the good name of Syracuse alive. Our diplomas are only as valuable as the school that is giving them out. I want to see VPA keep churning out great talent–and to help do so I think we all can give a little.”
– Jason Mesches ’08

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